May 2008

THANK YOU! -- Emily Decker expresses her sincere gratitude to Superstition Search & Rescue, the Pinal County Sheriff's Department, DPS, and others for their rescue training and skills. Without them, Emily and her boyfriend John might have had a grim ending to their March 15 ordeal in the Superstition Mountains. (See their complete story on page 2 of the April issue of Arizona Boating & Watersports news magazine or at

To SSAR: A Thank You From Emily


I am so happy to see that you have chosen the Superstition Search & Rescue team (SSAR) as the recipients of the "Rock the Boat" proceeds.  If anyone deserves extra support, it is certainly this group of amazing people. 

When my boyfriend and I made a critical mistake one month ago, hiking in the Superstitions, SSAR — along with five other agencies — responded to our call instantly and saved our lives. 

If it weren't for their training and skills, our story would have been a very grim one. 

The article you featured last month on SSAR was our story, and I'd like to thank this magazine for bringing them much-needed attention.  The people of SSAR spent the entire day saving our lives — for no pay.  They even have to supply most of their own equipment. 

As someone who loves to explore our Superstitions (as safely as possible, of course), I am so happy this group exists. 

Thank you to SSAR, Pinal County Sheriff's Dept., DPS, and everyone involved in our rescue and others. 

I am forever grateful.

Emily Decker
Apache Junction