May 2008


Contact Your Senators Now!

Help Stop Federal Permitting Of Incidental Non-Point Pollution From Boats


The Clock Is Ticking.  We need everyone to contact their U.S. Senators to ask them to co-sponsor S. 2766, the Clean Boating Act of 2008.

The Threat.  Congress has only six months to correct a terrible wrong imposed on recreational boating by a Federal District judge that would require every boat owner to obtain a yearly federal or state permit to operate every boat owned in every state the boat operates in.  The cost could go to $2,000.00 per boat per state.

The Issue.   These permits would apply to deck run off, bilge water, engine-cooling water, and any other water-based operational discharge from a recreational boat.  The fines based on citizen suits range up to $32,000 per day.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is already writing the required new federal rule, which is set to go operational on Oct. 1, 2008.

What Can You Do?  The Southern California Marine Association (SCMA) strongly encourages you and your employees, your friends and all your boating suppliers to CONTACT YOUR SENATORS and ask them to co-sponsor S. 2766, the Clean Boating Act of 2008. 

To assist you in this process, SCMA urges you to go to a special Web site,, set up for this issue.  Once there, simply type in your zip code and click send.

For further information, contact the SCMA at (714) 633-7581 or contact
Jim Klark at