May 2008

Brad Stephens 
AT SCOTTSDALE MARINE CENTER -- is one of the coolest fishing boats for cool-country anglers: The White Mountain Special. Glenn Cate, owner of Scottsdale Marine Center, touts the trout-fishing machine as being extremely comfortable and well-equipped for the forestland lakes.

Featured Boat Of The Month

Scottsdale Marine Center Presents The White Mountain Special

Arizona is known for having one of the most diverse topographies of all the states.  The central and eastern parts of Arizona include our high-country pine forests and trout lakes.

This adventure zone is a great place to escape the summer heat and to fish on some of the finest trout lakes in the West.  Although almost anything that floats will get you on the water, being comfortable and well equipped will make your forestland adventure that much more enjoyable. 

Enter The White Mountain Special 

This trout-fishing machine begins as a 1415T, Mirrocraft aluminum boat. It is a wide beamed, rather deep boat that is just over 14 feet in length. 

It comes from the factory with a flat, carpeted floor (marine-grade carpet), two pedestal seats, three seat bases, a nice livewell with bait bucket, and lights so that you can be out before and after dark when necessary. 

The interior is roomy and open, leaving plenty of space for casting, flyfishing or for just plain kicking back and stretching out in between hook-ups. The two seats (standard) can be located in three different spots within the boat. A third pedestal seat is available as an option. 

Enclosed storage compartments are located in the bow area of the boat and under the forward deck.  The boat has a capacity of four adults, and we have fished up to five comfortably if you have a boat full of small children. The factory trailer features a welded frame with 12-inch wheels, buddy bearings, winch, tongue jack and side guides to make loading and unloading a one-person breeze.

So Much For The Basics 

Scottsdale Marine takes the basic 1415T and transforms it into a top fishing machine.  First, a fish finder is added to ensure that there are fish present where you are fishing.  Fish are not evenly dispersed around the lake and having a fish finder will give you the opportunity to find the fish and to avoid fishing all day where there are no fish to catch  (very frustrating). 

Next, rod-holder bases are installed in four locations and filled with at least two rod holders.  Rod holders can be either the spinning-reel type or those suited for flyrods. 

Cleats are installed for tying off anchors or dock lines, and tiedowns are added for trailering on the sometimes rough roads.  A powerful electric trolling motor is used to power the boat, as most of the lakes in the pine forests are restricted to electric motors only. 

Sporting over 80 pounds of thrust, this motor will push the boat through almost any wind conditions. The 24-volt motor is powered by two deep-cycle batteries, and a convenient two-bank battery charger installed in the boat keeps them ready to go at your beck and call.  

Consider The Cool Options

Other options include drink-cup holders installed where you want them, a bimini top for shade, and a custom towing cover to keep your boat clean while on the road.  The White Mountain Special can be purchased with all the goodies or can be priced to provide just the basics. Either way, your boating and fishing adventures are waiting.

The White Mountain Special offers comfort, rugged performance and exceptional value.

A truly successful adventure begins with the right equipment. Add a "get up early and go attitude," and you can expect many successful days of fishing on the cool lakes up north.

For more information on The White Mountain Special, visit Scottsdale Marine Center, 6795 N. Pima Rd., Scottsdale, AZ 85250 or call Glenn Cate at (480) 483-8538. Other contact points are fax: (480) 483-8588 and e-mail: