May 2008

1SPONSOR SCOTT -- Scott Samuelson of Swim Platforms donated Rocky's new swim platform and ladder as well as fiberglasing the boat's interior. Also shown is Brian Colkitt, faculty of The Art Institute of Phoenix.
1READY TO ROLL -- The Rock The Boat film crew, students from The Art Institute of Phoenix, are set to film at Swim Platforms. Scott Samuelson looks on.

Swim Platforms Gives Rock The Boat’s Rocky, The Boat A New Swim Platform

First, Rocky got a facelift extraordinaire at Sun Valley Fiberglas under the masterful guidance of Dan Turner. Turner’s crew included faculty and students from The Art Institute of Phoenix, members of Superstition Search & Rescue, as well as friends and family.

Next, Bill Ryver Signs produced logos of Rock The Boat sponsors for displaying on Rocky’s port and starboard.

Then, VIP Trailers, Inc. and Gunnell’s Tires & Service, and Don McDowell helped the 1981 Chris-Craft get underway — to her first shows and expos, then to Swim Platforms (see accompanying photos).

Now, Rocky is at Hale’s Marine for work on her outdrive and engine.

Ahead, the schedule shows a visit from ABC Marine to cover Rocky with a new, blue bimini.

Then, stay tuned for more: the interior, the provisioning, and the safety check.