May 2008

Elizabeth II


Annie Continues Her Dairy;
She Finally Meets The Queen

By Caroline McWilliams

Glasgow, Scotland

Day 2

The storm has blown over, I’ve found a friend, but I’ve still not seen the Queen. At dinner last night, I was introduced to Prince Philip, Prince Charles, and Princess Anne, but no Queen. To be plain she was seasick.

            The dinner was delicious and the dining room so grand, but somehow incomplete without Her Majesty.

            I’ve found a friend. She is ladies maid to the Queen. Miss Muriel Weatherington by name. I was walking around the ship and I turned a blind corner and bumped into her.

Before long we were talking like old friends on the deck. Muriel told me that she is from a noble background and doesn’t really need to work, but she gets so bored at home that she simply has to have a job.

We discovered that we both have a great-grandmother who is still alive and that we’re both 28. We must have chatted for ages but it seemed all too short before Muriel’s bell rang.
            I am glad to have a friend.

Day 3

At last I have seen the Queen. I had expected to meet her formally, but yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my room reading the Hello magazine when there was a knock on the door.

I called, “Come in,” expecting it to be Doris, my Yorkshire maid, but instead entered a tall lady with brown hair who was unmistakably the Queen. She sat down. Polite introductions appened and then we had a really good gab.

There is a romance on board the ship. Muriel came to me yesterday and told me that she is surely in love with one of the officers. They have been going out (if that’s possible on a ship) for a while now. His name is Phil Black and he’s the Communications and Royal Cypher Officer.

Muriel is scared that she’ll get caught with him and put off the ship. Things are very risky for them.

I’m very annoyed with Doris. She keeps waking me up at six-thirty when I tell her I wish to be awakened at seven-thirty. But, she just says that breakfast is at eight and that I’ll not have enough time to get ready if I get up when I want.

I only need 20 minutes to get ready, not an hour and a half. I shall have to speak to Muriel about this since she is Doris’ boss.

This afternoon we’re docking off the coast of Iceland. I can hardly wait!