May 2008

Please Send Best Wishes To Gary Dobyns

From His Friend Margie Anderson

My good friend Gary Dobyns, a professional bass fisherman in California, was in a boating accident recently.  After over 36 years of safe boat operating, his boat spun out for no apparent reason and he was thrown overboard. 
He wasn’t wearing a life jacket, but the kill switch saved his life by stopping the boat right on top of him.  With cracked vertebrae, broken ribs, and a useless left arm and leg, he would have died if the boat had been any distance away. 
Boating accidents can happen to anyone at any time.  You don’t have to be driving recklessly.  Recent information from BoatU.S. about falls overboard is particularly timely, since National Safe Boating Week is May 17-23.  Keep safe and please remember Gary Dobyns in your thoughts and prayers.


Margie Anderson   Gary Dobyns