May 2008

LakeRacers’ Desert Storm Weekend Is a Great Success for Many Charities.

LakeRacers’ annual Desert Storm extravaganza in Lake Havasu, Arizona  yielded four days of intense high performance boating this past weekend and raised over $10,000 for Soldiers Angels, Five thousand dollars for “Havasu for Youth” and $2,000 for the Patrick Tinnell Memorial. 

Friday’s Poker run had 210 participants and started with a parade lap under the London Bridge. Winners of the Poker Run were Doug Platten of Ontario, California,  who received a first place trophy and ten thousand dollars of which he donated $1,500 right back to Soldiers Angels. Second place was taken by Gregory Tiimmons of Cypress, California taking home $8,000 and third place was won by Cookie Smith from Tucson who received $5000 and donated $1000 back to Soldiers Angels.  The fourth place winners Gary Taylor of Newbury Park, California initiated the charity donations from the winners by donating his entire winnings of $2500 to Soldiers Angels.

Additional substantial donations  were given by Jason and Laurie Moe, Coach Net, and Michael Stevenson.  Premier Helicopters also raised money by doing helicopter rides over the event.

Soldiers Angels is an organization that prides it self on helping soldiers and their families around the world.  Their slogan is “may no soldier go unloved.”  Soldiers Angels do everthing from sending care packages to the soldiers to setting up pen palsfor soldiers to keep in touch while overseas.  Please check out their website at


Saturday’s “Shoot-out” speed runs had the winners Mike DeFrees and Jeff Harris in the “CRC” MTI cat hit the fastest time at 165 mph.  Very close behind was the second place winner  Gary and Cookie Smith being clocked at 161 mph in the 40’ Skater, “Predator”  Third place went to Don London who speed were an impressive 152 mph in a F-32 DCB.

On Saturday and Sunday the show was turned over to POPRA and OSS for the multi-race offshore contest. In the OSS portion, “Shocker” with Richie Price and Reggie Fountian III on throttles won the 850 Cat class with a blazing 136.98 mph average speed.  Edging out WHM Motorsports by only 17 seconds at the checkered.  The Cat Lite class saw Bob Teague and Paul Whittier victorious again in their AMSOIL sponsored by 36 Skater. In the companion Vee Lite category, “Under Destruction” was the victor with Mark Dunbar and Jennie Seeser on board.  The much awaited Cat extreme class showdown between “Team CRC” and “Bud Light” went in favor of  “CRC when “Bud Light”  was  forced to retire after only five laps.  In the POPRA event; AMSOIL was again the winner in P-1, “Worthy Risk” (Brad Johnson and Jack Crouse) took the win in the P-3, P-4 was captured by Gorge Gutterrez and Ernie Sosa, Dave Sikorski and Sean Hoffman won the P-5 class, the P-6 win went to Ryan Hall and Chris Reindi, and PX class saw Mike DeFrees and Jeff Harris prevail in the “CRC.”