May 2008

Durable Safety First Priority For Slimline LED Light

Traffic accidents can be prevented if a driver can clearly identify what is on the road ahead.  With brighter and faster illumination, LED lights are an effective and simple way to help prevent vehicle collisions. 

Innovative Lighting continues to be on the cutting edge of technology with its new 257 series Slimline 2 LED sidemarker/clearance light.  It's designed to provide a safer driving experience for RVers, truckers, and trailer users.

Due to their intense brilliance, LEDs produce greater vehicle visibility than incandescent bulbs.  Emitting significantly less heat than standard light, they are cool to the touch. 

Instead of a brittle metal filament, LEDs employ electronic chips embedded in epoxy, making them extremely durable.  Incredibly long-lasting and rated for 100,000 hours, they only need replacing every 20 years.

Utilizing a 2 LED configuration, the 257 series is both shock-proof and impact-resistant.  With its high level of durability and sealed polycarbonate lens, this sidemarker can withstand the elements.  Drawing only 35 milliamps, Slimline LEDs save money by reducing the load on an electrical system.

They are available in red or amber LED models with a red, amber or clear lens.  Each light measures 4.5" x 1.6" x .8" and can be mounted vertically, horizontally or at a 45˚ angle.  They are P2 P3 rated and meet DOT specifications. 

Retail price for the Innovative Lighting 257 series Slimline sidemarker/clearance light is $14.99.

Contact local dealers or Innovative Lighting, 109 Progressive Ave., Roland, IA 50236.  515-388-1011; Fax: 515-388-5549.