May 2008

Boat Bunker – In-Water Mooring Station

Boat Bunkers® International has spent four years developing the In-Water Mooring Station.

The Mooring Station isolates the water in contact with the boat’s hull from the surrounding water.  This isolation prevents water flow, oxygen replenishment and food sources so marine life cannot grow. 

 The Mooring Station floats in the water with an undershield below the waterline.  It has a rear tailgate that lowers to allow access; and rises to completely isolate the water in the Mooring Station.

The Mooring Station is easily installed and moveable. Tie it off to your dock or pier as you would your boat.

No toxic chemicals required.  The unique design of the Mooring Station isolates your hull so that there is no need to add any toxic chemicals. No need to drain or add water either. 

It installs easily with minimal maintenance and weighs less than 100 pounds. The station assembles in less than three man-hours with a hammer, nut-driver and pliers.  Occasionally add bio-friendly algaecide if needed.  Clean annually if desired. 

The Mooring Station is suitable for all boats — motorboats, sailboats, performance boats, pontoon boats, houseboats, liveaboards, catamarans, and personal watercraft — in fresh or salt water.