May 2008

Arizona Sailing Foundation Holds Powerboat Class x

By Rob Gibbs
ASF Director Of Education

Normally, this would be an article about a sailing class, but over the weekend of April 19-20, the Arizona Sailing Foundation held the US SAILING Basic Powerboat course.  This is the first in a two-part training series. 

The second part of the course is Safety, Rescue and Support.  While these courses were originally developed for people who ran sailing races and coached sailors, the Basic Powerboat course is geared to anyone who wants to improve his or her powerboat handling skills. 

ASF Partcipants

Students spend about six hours in class, followed by a written test. Then it's out on the water for six to eight hours of maneuvering drills. And, that on-the-water time is what makes the course unique. 

This is the only powerboating course that offers on-the-water training as part of the certification.  When you are done, you have been trained in high-speed handling, in close-quarters maneuvering, docking, towing and more. 

 We have two more Basic Powerboat Handling classes (June 7 and 8 and July 26 and 27) and one Safety, Rescue and Support class (Aug. 16 and 17) scheduled for this summer. 

For more information on this and other ASF courses, visit our  It is our goal to make the water we all enjoy safer for everyone.