May 2007

Our Favorite ‘Frozen’ Watersport
Learn To Curl With The Coyotes

From Darryl Horsman
Phoenix Sister Cities

Here we are in the home stretch of the curling season in the Valley of the Sun! The Coyotes Curling Club has a couple of dates you should mark on your calendar in preparation for the next curling season!

Sunday, May 6 — 11:30am-1:30pm - Learn To Curl - Curling 101, Intro to Curling. Based on the class size, there may be room for members to practice or other fun events!

Sunday, May 13 — 5:30pm-7:30pm - Learn To Curl - Curling 101, Intro to Curling/Curling 202 . The idea behind this class is that we are excited to offer an introduction to any new curler who can come out. The Curling 202, will be structured in a more game-like fashion for those curlers who have played before or have been through the Curling 101.

For those who wish to participate in the official Learn To Curl classes, please contact or call Darryl at 602-300-4808.

See you on the ice!