May 2007

Coast Guard Auxiliary Profile
Thank You, David Esparza

David Esparza of Chandler, Ariz., has been a flotilla commander, a division captain, and a rear commodore of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary. He also serves as the national division chief for Coastie and as a division chief nationally for member retention.

Esparza is the lead qualifications examiner (QE) for Coast Guard Auxiliary, District 11 S and chief of the national flags and ceremonies branch.

His many duties and activities include developing new retention programs for the auxiliary, such as member benefits and special projects. Esparza also coordinates 35 QEs in the district — from San Diego to Channel Islands, to Las Vegas and Tucson.

Coordinating Coastie’s activities nationally and developing honor guards around the country round out the activities of this very involved Auxiliarist.

Esparza, over the past year, has attended ISAR 2006 (U.S.A. and Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary competition) in Portsmouth, Va.; operational exercises in San Diego, Channel Islands, and Roosevelt Lake. He does active auxiliary patrols in Washington and Arizona.

It all started when Esparza was looking for instruction in boating. He was taught by a member of the Coast Guard Auxiliary; he then joined and began a unique career serving other.

Originally from Tacoma, Wash., Esparza attended Lincoln High School there, and then served in the U.S. Army. His wife June is also an Auxiliarist, and his son Allen works for the State of Washington in Tacoma.

His future plans are to continue performing current tasks and contributing and serving wherever he is needed. Esparza has this message for boaters: “Get educated, practice what you learn about boating, and get on the water as much as is practicable.”