May 2007

Updated Regulations Available For Glen Canyon, Rainbow Bridge

PAGE, Ariz. Ė Superintendent Kitty Roberts announced today the availability of the 2007 Superintendentís Compendium for Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and Rainbow Bridge National Monument. The Superintendentís Compendium establishes designations, closures, permit requirements, and other restrictions within the boundaries of both national park areas.

The 2007 Superintendentís Compendium includes an expanded rule aimed at preventing the infestation of zebra mussels within the park. Specifically, the 2007 Superintendentís Compendium requires that all visitors bringing boats into the park display a certificate on their dashboard stating their boat is free of zebra mussels.

The Superintendentís Compendium continues to require that all boats that have been in zebra mussel-infested waters and pose a risk of harboring mussels receive a decontamination boat wash. This requirement has been in place since 2003.

The 2007 Superintendentís Compendium opens the Panorama Point area in the Orange Cliffs to overnight camping. This area had been closed to camping from April 1-June 15 because of peregrine falcon nesting activity. However, peregrine falcons are no longer listed as a threatened species and a small amount of recreational use can be accommodated without affecting the birds.

The Superintendentís Compendium continues to prohibit cliff jumping and kite tubing. In addition, it maintains requirements that all visitors camping on the shore of Lake Powell, the San Juan River, the Dirty Devil River, or the Colorado River use a self-contained toilet designed to dispose of human waste.

The National Park Service uses the Superintendentís Compendium to establish regulations to protect park resources, provide for public health and safety, and to avoid conflicts among visitor uses. The Superintendentís Compendium is updated on an annual basis or more frequently when necessary.

The complete 2007 Superintendentís Compendium is located on Glen Canyon National Recreation Areaís website at: by clicking ďManagement Docs.Ē