May 2007

Arizona Sailors To Race In Transpac 2007

From The Lehmans

The Freedom Hawk Kayak is perfect for fishermen, especially those who like to cruise quiet backwaters and get away from the crowd. Most kayaks are just about impossible to fish from because they lack the stability an angler needs.

The Freedom Hawk is different. Two outriggers on the back swing out, transforming into wings that make the Freedom Hawk so steady you can stand up and fish out of it.

The mechanism that operates the outriggers is so quick and easy to use that you can transform back to kayak mode instantly when you want to paddle to another spot. Two hand knobs untwist easily so that the outriggers can be removed.

With them off, the length of the Freedom Hawk is reduced to just 10.5 feet, making it easy to transport on the roof of your SUV. The outriggers also provide dry storage.

The Freedom Hawk 14 is less than $2,000, and that includes shipping to your nearest freight terminal. To see videos of the Freedom Hawk in action, go to

See What You’ve Been Missing

Imagine paddling around and being able to see into the water beneath you. You know how well swimming masks work to let you see beneath the surface?

Well, now there is a canoe-kayak hybrid that is as clear and see-through as a swim mask. The transparent polymer hull is made from the same stuff as cockpit canopies, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

Its width makes it plenty stable, and since paddlers sit lower to the deck, they have better balance. This is a boat with definite “wow” factor.

You can get one from the Hammacher catalog or from It costs $1,459.95, plus $80 shipping. Also available: an outrigger for added stability.

Lounger Boat For Four

While you’re at, take a look at the Motorized Four-Person Lounger Boat. Looking like a big chaise on pontoons, this little watercraft has an electric motor that lets up to four people cruise around the lake.

The two 12-volt batteries keep the 46-pound thrust motor going for up to eight hours. You can maneuver this boat in water as shallow as 2 feet, and the lounger can support up to 700 pounds.

There are even built-in cup holders, storage bags, and room for coolers. Talk about relaxing! You can get one for just under four grand, and shipping is another $80.