March 2007

IGFA Press Announces Pending Release Of New WWII Angling Book By Mike Rivkin

DANIA BEACH, Fla.Following on the heels of his highly successful IGFA history book, Mike Rivkin will soon release a new book on the intersection of big-game fishing and World War II. 

The new book will be titled Angling and War: The Collision of Big-Game Fishing and WWII and is again written by Rivkin, an award-winning copywriter and IGFA representative. Building on Rivkin’s extensive research for his Big-Game Fishing Headquarters: A History of the IGFA published last year, this work uncovers the fascinating story of how war and angling came together and how each affected the other.

  The book will focus on the angling community’s vast contributions to the Allied war effort and includes more than 200 heretofore-unpublished photographs and documents.

“Rivkin’s meticulous research and attention to detail has produced a very readable and fascinating book,” according to USAF Major General (ret.) William “Bill” Gorton. “This is a great read and one that I heartily recommend to all who wish to learn about a most interesting time in big-game fishing history.” 

The book examines the explosive growth of big-game fishing during the 1930s, how boat builders and tackle manufacturers turned to vital war production, and the wartime development of materials such as fiberglass and nylon that would change angling forever.  

Other chapters explore the development of the emergency fishing kits that saved hundreds of sailors adrift at sea, how the American home front rallied to provide soldiers with recreational fishing gear, and a series of angling-related war stories that are breathtaking in their audacity. 

    The book’s author is 50-year-old Mike Rivkin, a retired catalogue publisher,
well known for his animated copywriting skills. Rivkin is also a veteran offshore angler, current president of Catalina Island’s venerable Tuna Club, and an IGFA representative.

His IGFA history book was widely hailed as among the best outdoor books of 2005.  To maximize interest and ensure a rapid sell-through, Rivkin has limited this deluxe first edition printing to only 900 signed-and-numbered copies.  A full-scale release is scheduled for April. 

For more details, please contact Rivkin directly at or via phone at (858) 625-0220.