March 2007

Kite Surfing In Rocky Point

A Sensation, An Escape, A Way Of Life

A few months ago, upon my arrival from the United States, I came across Bob and Amanda, kite surfers in the Sandy Beach area of Puerto Peñasco.

I am a surfer, snowboarder, skier, skateboarder and pilot with just a little wakeboarding carried over from my past.

Although I love surfing and Peñasco, I quickly realized that the Sea of Cortez could not produce the waves and breaks I needed to surf. Luckily, it was then that I was introduced to a new kind of surfing — kite surfing!

The gentle wave action of the waters here and plenty of wind can combine to provide the ultimate in kite surfing.

Flying: The Common Link

While talking with my new friends, it wasn’t long until I found out all I needed to know about the kites and the ultramodern gear for this sport. Since then, all I think about is getting out on the water and into the air.

Kite surfing is actually like a combination of wake boarding and flying, snow boarding and flying, or surfing and flying. The common link is flying, which makes this the best part of the experience.

Hit It!

The first step in learning to kite surf is to get your kite into the air and to the water’s edge. You then sit back in the water, slip your feet into the straps, and steady the kite at the 12 o’clock position above your head.

Now, get ready to drive the kite in the forward direction. Bracing yourself, yell to the driver to “Hit It!”

As you pull away, let the kite soar down to the 4 o’clock position and pull you up as you begin to glide across the surface of the water. As you gain momentum, you lean back and push the heels of your feet into the water and begin to feel the board starting to carve its way in the blue water.

Finally, you set your kite into the power zone and off you go.

Airborne, you’re like a bird in flight. It seems you are weightless for a few seconds, sailing through the sky with the ocean dripping from you and the board.

You feel the adrenaline pumping frantically and hear the screams of others as you take off from the water like a jumping stingray.

It is as if the kite becomes a part of you and takes you to a place you have always wanted to be — free and flying!

Someone once said, “Kite surfing is like controlling your own helicopter without having to pay $600 dollars for the ride.” It offers a lot of fun and is easy to learn.

 It is also a great aquatic sport for anyone who wants to have fun at the beach. Don’t miss your chance to kite surf on Cholla Bay, located at the tip of Sandy Beach.

It is here you can combine winds blowing at 25 mph with tranquil water, allowing you to cruise at high-speed and still experience excellent airtime.