March 2007

Blue Aquarium

Snorkeling At Sandy Beach

By Alejandra Gómez

Don a mask and a snorkel and discover a truly exciting underwater world that lies beneath the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez. It is truly a paradise for watersport lovers.

This relaxing aquatic entertainment offers the opportunity to enjoy the great diversity of marine wildlife and environments that lie beneath the blue surface.

There’s no special skill or talent needed for snorkeling; its just about jumping into the water, letting your body float and relax while breathing though a snorkel. If you are not able to float naturally, don’t worry; this is normal for many of us.

Some people have a positive buoyancy, and some have a negative buoyancy. So, if the latter is your case, you can simply wear a life vest.
Blue Aquarium

As you strive to forget about the human world and let your soul peacefully reach the silence of the underwater world, your body is slowly carried along by the natural rhythm of the tides. Suddenly you come across an unexpected colorful way of life under water.

Coral reefs and rocky shorelines are among the best places to explore. Many of these interesting areas are located right here in Puerto Peñasco, only 65 miles from the U.S. border.

Coral reefs are made from hard corals that seem kind of lifeless but are actually living creatures. They provide the perfect habitat for fish to find shelter and food.

You can find reef fish in an incredible diversity of colors, shapes, and sizes. Most of them are easy to spot with bright neon colors, while others are hard to distinguish from the reef itself due to their camouflage outfits.

Snorkeling Tips

To get a closer look at the marine species during your expedition, be very still and float around the reef moving slowly, so the creatures will show themselves. Strong movements will usually scare them away.

Once you feel comfortable and secure with floating on the surface, you can try free diving. Relax, take a deep breath, and swim down a couple of feet to have a closer look at the reefs and its inhabitants.

When planning your next snorkel adventure, don’t miss the reef spots along the shore. The REEF, hence the name, is perhaps the best spot to easily find amazing species of fish, exotic marine flora and the most amazing expressions of marine life.

Come to Sandy Beach and jump into the calm, warm waters. You’ll love it!