March 2007

Dive Into Rocky Point, ‘The World’s Aquarium’

By Dave Bailey

Always wanted to be an astronaut. Well, when I joined in the military forces, that dream was quickly crushed.

However amongst uniforms and an unbreakable discipline, a different type of voyager emerged — an aquanaut. Yes, in a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, I became an explorer and called myself the scubanaut.

Going Down
Scuba can be a scary encounter for many people, especially if they do not trust the fact that you can easily breathe underwater and not feel as if you are being trapped in a cardboard box or an elevator without any ventilation or fire exit.

Well, the secret truth is that, far from being claustrophobic, just being “down there” turns into the most freeing experience you can ever have. 

Have you ever pictured yourself floating in a dark, never-ending space? Just think about what you would feel by stepping into a foreign environment. With proper training and by being acquainted with the breathing apparatus,you and your buddy can explore and reach places where no man has gone before.

Diving Peñasco

Over the past ten years this watersport has turned into one of the fastest-growing intrigues for today’s real adventurers.

Come to Puerto Peñasco, where both amateurs and advanced divers find many underwater treasures. And, let go of your worries if you’ve never dived before. Test your sense of adventure with a discover-scuba trip.

A certified scuba instructor will lead the underwater trip, daily, to the best diving places located near the port, like Isla San Jorge,or along one of the numerous reefs that you can find at this Sonoran beach destination.

Wet Folks

Dive in and spot a diverse selection of starfish, angelfish, schools of sergeant majors, and an occasional stingray. All travel along the coasts of the Sea of Cortez, once called by intrepid Jacques Cousteau, “the world’s aquarium.”

Additionally, on Isla San Jorge — also known as the Bird Island — meet playful sea lions as they race past you and try to play with your fins and diving gear. Jump in and feel the rush of the water as you quickly look to see them perform an underwater ballet for your entertainment.

An Option For Everyone

For those faint of heart, snorkeling offers many of the same treasures to view and experience at less-threatening distances and depths than diving. Friendly sea lions and the beauty of the reefs beneath the blue water, the many strange and impressive species — all comprise a wondrous quest for everyone.