March 2007

Break The Wake; Crash The Waves!

Reprinted With Permission Of SBR

Make of your days at the beach something else with an exciting experience of a lifetime.

Break trough the waves of the Sea of Cortez on a Jet Ski while the breeze of the ocean gently springs your face, and the rush of the ride invites you to speed up.

Once you try it, you won’t be willing to give it up!

Extreme Adventure?

From the large list of watersports, jet skiing is probably the easiest to pick up, but also can be the most exciting. 

Adrenaline lovers qualify it as a combination of water skiing and speedboat driving, with a hint of motorcycle racing.

For those who love extreme activities, this can be it, but also for those who would like to have fun and just have a nice ride along the shore.

Down To Basics

When choosing to give it a try, your first challenge will be deciding between a Jet Ski or a Jet Bike. The first one is for standing rides, and the second one for sitting.

Even if you have skied before, it is worth knowing that before hitting the wate,r you should wear a life jacket and the cutoff switch lanyard, which can be attached to the operator’s body or clothing.

Speeding up, jumping waves, and splashing around are definitely the best parts of jet skiing. Try to maintain a speed that will let you stop or go another way if desired. 

Watch Out!

When riding, keep an eye on other boats, swimmers, jet skiers, and divers.

Don’t goof around; driving while under the influence of alcohol can hurt you pretty badly. If you have been drinking, it’s better to take a rain check.

Jet skiing is one the many water experiences that you can try at Sandy Beach, in Puerto Peñasco. So, if you are a water baby, you should definitely go for ride!