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past_issues/june08/Sail_Power_clip_image002.jpgPhoto Credit Red Bull Air Races

Sail & Power Squadron ‘Cruises’ To San Diego - By Ron Werner

Every other year at this time we Squadron members plan a trip to San Diego, Calif. Some of us have boats there and some trailer their boats and some just take their camping tents, motor homes, or whatever they want.  

San Diego offers a very nice change of agenda for Arizona boating. Vessel Inspections were done everywhere we went.
  The weather was outstanding! Every day was perfect with no morning cloud cover and very nice temperatures. 

To add to the event was the Red Bull Air Races.  This added a new venue that added to the excitement. 

Thursday and Friday were full sailing days sailing the "WIND TREE."

This turned out to be one of our best trips ever. We had stories, training, for all. Even for the old timers. We had a steak fry, shrimp fest and so much more food that satisfied the pallet to its limits.    .

“San Diego’s Fleet Week” has always been a special event. This Sea/Air Parade we got to see the Red Bull Race, and the Navy proudly showed off 14 aircraft and six warships — frigate, cruiser, amphibious craft, a few destroyers, and Midway.

The aircraft carrier Ronald Regan had out all her pennants in the morning. Two tall ships The Californian and HMS Surprise paraded, guns firing. We had front row seats right from our boats, as did all the boats lucky enough to get to the front line.    

This was a wonderful weekend for the entire gang.

Please contact Phoenix Sail and Power Squadron at or USPS (623) 566-3044 if you are interested in taking classes, or getting a Vessel Inspection or joining us to meet other boaters.

Also, call the US Coast Guard Auxiliary at (480) 899-3373.

Vessel Inspections are very important. They are free. It is our job and we love our job. Perhaps you would like to become a Vessel Inspector?

Please e-mail to find out how.


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