June 2008

 Maricopa Water District - Pleasant Harbor RV Resort

Maricopa Water District Clarifies Pleasant Harbor Open To Public

Only Marina Went Private In Early May

Pleasant Harbor, owned and operated by Maricopa Water District (MWD), is located on the southeastern shore of Lake Pleasant.

Pleasant Harbor facilities and services open to the public include the Pleasant Harbor RV Resort, a convenience store, two boat ramps, sailboat and RV storage and self-serve gas pumps.

Pleasant Harbor also offers facilities for the public to go picnicking, camping, fishing and hiking.

Pleasant Harbor Marina (PHM), a lessee of Pleasant Harbor, also provides a full-service marina.

Pleasant Harbor Marina recently announced that they were going private as of May 3.

While PHM has gone private, Pleasant Harbor is still open to the public and welcomes the public to continue to visit Pleasant Harbor and enjoy its facilities and services.

In addition, the public can also continue to access Lake Pleasant from Pleasant Harbor’s north and south boat ramps to go boating and fishing.

For additional information regarding Pleasant Harbor, please call (602) 269-0077