June 2008

Are You Insane?

Customer Praises Insanity Wakeboard Pylon Quality, Service

From www.InsanityPylons.com

Today, much to our excitement, we received a large white box in the mail after only a couple days after we had placed an order for the Insanity Wakeboard Pylon via their “normal shipping.”

Inside we found what appeared to be sections of a hermetically sealed pylon. Just like a kid on his birthday, we peeled open the bags and grinned as we squeezed the padding that surrounds every inch of the Insanity Pylon.

After glancing at the pictures in the instruction manual, we immediately ran our pylon out to the boat for a fit on our 21-foot Tige wakeboarding boat that had had the tower removed.

We placed the base on the floor that resembled the horizontal portion of an upside-down “T” and easily secured the sections of the pylon together with the stainless thumbscrews, then raised the pylon up to the proper angle.

We then raised the pylon, secured all the tie downs, and slid the padded covers over the buckles to clean everything up. Setup took less than five minutes and was very simple.

Disassembly took less than a minute and can easily be done by one person. Re-assembly was also about a minute with just two people since the rear straps were already adjusted to the proper length.

To test the stability, we turned our attention to the horizontal base. We pushed, pulled, and kicked the base and shook the pylon violently to try to loosen anything, but it just continued to stand there.

Needless to say that by the time we were done trying to beat it up, we were very grateful for the padding! The pylon, in particularly the base, didn’t move an inch.

We snapped our ski rope to the top of the Insanity Pylon with the provided stainless snap hook and went from side to side and yanked as hard as we could from the ground with less movement than we got from a tower.

To test the safety-release capability of the Insanity Pylon, we tied our rope to a large orange tree “far off the wake” to simulate a realistic situation of a passing boat catching the ski rope. We hitched the trailer to our truck and began pulling.

About 500 pounds later, the rope just dropped with minute recoil and very little movement of the pylon. Needless to say, it worked just as it claims (good thing there’s a spare)!

The comparison of advertised claims versus our actual experience was phenomenal and exceeded our expectations. The Insanity Pylon was an incredible bang for the buck and delivered 100 percent of their promises, including phone support at 3 a.m.

For the average wakeboarder, the Insanity Pylon is definitely the way to go. It was easy, secure, affordable, and quite honestly, a lot of fun to play with — all without having to drill a single hole!

Insanity Pylons are available from various stores, www.InsanityPylons.com, or you can reach them 24 hours at (888) 209-5589 for additional information.