June 2008

How To Find Gold And Other Cool Things

By Kelsee P. Haws

Would you like to find gold and other cool things? If yes, than you can read my directions that follow.
Gold is a mineral like a rock is a mineral; it has a dark polished yellow color; it comes in all shapes, sizes, and weights. Other cool things you might find while “prospecting” in Arizona are rings, coins, and other really unique rocks.

You will need a dredger, a bucket, a pair of wet pants, a mining pan, and a river. You can find how to make a dredger in a hardware store or a sporting-goods store.

You can read about prospecting in a magazine such as Gold Fever.

You can find a bucket anywhere; you can find a pair of wet pants and a mining pan at the same sporting businesses that carry dredgers.
And, the river? Well, check your map.

Once you get to a river or a creek, you will put on your wet pants over your regular clothes. Second, you will take your supplies to the spot in the river you want to look for gold and other cool things.

Next, you will put the dredger in the water and follow the instructions to set up the dredger. Then you will turn it on and start dredging.
Now you will take the pan off the dredger, dump the materials in the pan into the bucket, and last but not least, take your mining pan and dip it into the water.

Take out some dirt and try your luck at finding really neat things.