June 2008

Glen Canyon Expands Mussel Prevention

Lake Powell Currently Free Of Zebras, Quaggas

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (NRA) announced today further expansion of the program to prevent zebra or quagga mussels from becoming established in Lake Powell. 

Invasive Species Major Threat

Currently, Lake Powell and the upper Colorado River are believed to be free of zebra and quagga mussels. However, these invasive mussels pose a major threat to Lake Powell if they are introduced.
Highlights of the expanded Zebra Mussel Prevention Program include display of certificate, questioning, in some cases: mandatory decontamination.

Download Dashboard Certificate

To save time when a visitor arrives at Glen Canyon, visitors may self-certify that their boats are zebra and quagga mussel free and display their required dashboard certificate by downloading self-certification packets from Glen Canyon’s homepage at www.nps.gov/glca