June 2008

AZ State Parks - Fool Hollow Lake Recreation Area

For RVers, Campers
State Parks Offer 27 Summer Get-A-Ways

The 27 State Parks in Arizona provide many opportunities for summer campers.  State Parks such as Lyman Lake near Springerville, Roper Lake in Safford, and Alamo Lake State Park will probably be campgrounds that will not fill to capacity on holidays.

Day-use and historic parks have plenty of room for daytrippers, and Kartchner Caverns State Park always has 100 walk-up tickets each day and good camping opportunities (book cave tours in advance by phone or online if possible.

There are some fire restrictions around the State so if you are planning to build a campfire in a park, be sure to check  www.azfireinfo.com first. Remember, if you cause a fire under fire restrictions, it may result in substantial fines and jail time.

To keep your family and public lands safe while camping, please follow these precautionary tips:

  • Bring a propane stove for cooking/heating rather than using a campfire.
  • Carry a shovel in your car and use dirt and FIVE gallons of water for putting out campfires if they are permitted.
  • Make SMALL campfires.
  • Only smoke in vehicles or designed campsite and not while hiking.

Campers are encouraged to use only propane stoves and heaters this summer while they are camping to prevent wildfires from escaped campfires.  Remember in Arizona, especially during a drought, fire can burn slowly along dry roots and duff and come from underground in the forest far from a campsite.


Dead Horse Ranch State Park: (928) 634-5283 - Cottonwood - 150 campsites - fishing, boating, hiking. No campfires, no smoking while hiking.

Fool Hollow Lake State Park: (928) 537-3680 - 92 hookup sites, 31 campsites, great fishing and swimming. Fire restrictions during windy days.  Call ahead regarding campfires.

Lyman Lake State Park: (928) 337-4441 - 61 campsites & 4 yurts / 4 cabins, fishing, waterskiing . Campfires in cement fire rings and smoking in vehicles. No smoking while hiking.
Homolovi Ruins State Historic Park: (928) 289-4106 - 53 camp sites, Hopi Ruins, hiking. Campfires/smoking in developed areas only. No hiking while smoking.

Slide Rock State Park: (928) 282-3034 - natural rock slide in the river, hiking. No smoking except in vehicles. No fires, including charcoal and gas.

Red Rock State Park: (928) 282-6907- No camping. Lots of hiking opportunities. No smoking while hiking.


Catalina State Park: (520) 628-5798 - 48 campsites, hiking, corrals for horses. Propane only, no smoking while hiking.

Kartchner Caverns State Park: (520) 586-4100 - 62 campsites - cave tours. Propane only. Smoking in camp area or vehicle, no smoking while hiking.

Lost Dutchman State Park: (480) 982-4485 - 70 campsites, hiking into Superstitions. Charcoal and propane fires only, wood campfires not allowed, no smoking while hiking.

Patagonia Lake State Park: (520) 287-6965 -  107 campsites, boats to rent, fishing, beach. Campfires ok in designated grills, smoking in camp areas only, no smoking while hiking.

Picacho Peak State Park: (520) 466-3183 -  85 campsites - fantastic walking trails. No restrictions at this time, no smoking while hiking.

Roper Lake State Park: (928) 428-6760 - 71 campsites - hot tub, fishing. Campfires and smoking restricted to developed areas only, no hiking and smoking.


Alamo Lake State Park: (928) 669-2088 - 250 campsites, excellent bass fishing, waterskiing, swimming.  Campfires and smoking in designated areas only.

Buckskin Mountain State Park & River Island: (928) 667-3231 - 126 campsites, watersports, cabanas, beach. Campfires in designated grills, no smoking while hiking.

Cattail Cove State Park: (928) 855-1223 - 61 campsites. No wood fires, charcoal for cooking within a campsite or on a grill on the beach. Smoking - campsites and beach only.

Lake Havasu State Park: (928) 855-2784 - 47 campsites - boat launches, great park areas and swimming beach. Campfires in fire-rings call for details, smoking in camp areas, no hiking while smoking.

For information about Arizona State Parks call (602) 542-4174 (long distance 800-285-3703) or visit www.azstateparks.com.