June 2007


Dan Teckenoff
Catalina Islander

FEROCITY OF FIRE -- An old friend, Dan Teckenoff, now publisher of the Catalina Islander, took some spectacular photos during the recent fire that threatened Avalon, Santa Catalina Island. As the recent Promontory Fire here at home in Arizona, this was a ferocious blaze. Teckenoff gave both description and praise: "The town looked and sounded like a war zone with helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft buzzing Avalon. Parades of forestry and fire trucks, brought over here by hovercraft, made their way through town and into the interior to fight the fire. By the grace of God, the fire came down to the homes up the street and stopped.There were about 770 fire personnel on the island.We are blessed to have so many townspeople who were eager to help in anyway they could. Support for one another was evident when you walked down the streets. The firefighting personnel were awesome!"