June 2007

Weather Warms, Fishing Warms;

Join The Voodoo Crew In San Diego

By Bruce Biddick

Fishing in San Diego has started to heat up in the last couple of weeks. As the weather and water starts to warm, so does the fishing.

Yellow tail, large bonito, and barracuda are showing up and down San Diego’s coast in the kelp beds, San Clemente Island, and, of course, the Coronado Islands off Mexico.

The Coronado Islands and the “Rock Pile” are just south of the border and less than a two-hour boat ride from San Diego. These areas have been the most productive so far this season.

Inshore, the bay bass, sand bass, calico bass, and rock fish have been keeping anglers busy over the past few months. Remember, Arizona residents must obtain a California non- resident fishing license or face a fine when caught.

As the water warms and the currents from down south start pushing northward in June, the albacore will begin to show up on the outer banks off San Diego; this will put the season into full swing. Later in the summer, the blue fin tuna, yellow fin tuna, and dorado start to show as well.

For all these exciting offshore fishing trips, anglers should be booking as early as possible to secure their favorite date. The boats are all ready filling up.

One way to enjoy an offshore tuna trip is on the more-private, less-crowded 6-pac yacht charter. For example, Voodoo Sportfishing in San Diego offers one-to-10 days fishing trips from the outer banks to Guadalupe Island with Voodoo, a 70 by 20-foot Elliott long-range sportfisher with a 2,000 mile range.

Mambo, a 48-foot Uniflite sportfisher, is available for local marlin and tuna on the outer banks. All of Voodoo Sportfishing charters are all-inclusive.

 Recent May charters by Voodoo Sportfishing included a corporate group of six overnight from Las Vegas into Mexico. Much fun was had by all.

Another group of six, calling themselves “The Old Boys Club,” traveled over 600 miles over a five-day long-range trip to Guadalupe Island and back up the coast of Baja. Along with good fishing, the group saw various wildlife such as orcas, sperm whales, and exotic varieties of birds. This group could really identify the bird species.

So, get those groups together, you Arizona anglers. We are looking forward to your coming out to San Diego this summer and joining us on a customized fishing trip.

Call Bruce and Christy so they can plan a great fishing experience for your party. For more information look at our Web site www.voodoosportfishing.com or call (858) 735-7078.  Here’s wishing you a great fishing season!