July 2008

FOR WAKE ZONE: Letter to the Editor
Take Down Your Sails


I wanted to send out a quick note … reminding everyone who
is keeping boats at Lake Pleasant: Take down your sails! And, protect
your toy from the harsh elements.

I was up at the lake breaking down TL for the summer I noticed a number of boats with sails on the rollers and on booms — with and without covers..

Remember two things, folks:

  1. The sun will eat your sails whether you have a cover or not. The heat
    is the enemy! I noticed a Santana 20 whose Kevlar is just destroyed by the sun. I noticed a number of new boats sitting up there with sails on the rigs, brand new. Only one day in the sun can damage these new sails. Take them down.
  2. I also take note that we get major windstorms that have flipped
    and destroyed boats up there at Pleasant. If your sail comes undone, your boat will flip, causing damage to yours and others.
  3. Also make sure your trailer and your neighbor’s is chucked; this will prevent trailers from moving and flipping or damaging others.

Christopher Reinhard
 Scottsdale, Arizona