July 2008

My First Trip To The Big, Beautiful Grand Canyon
It’s One Of The Seven Natural Wonders Of The World

By Kelsee Haws

My first trip to the Grand Canyon was awesome because I got to spend it with my grandma, two aunts, and my mom.

We left Queen Creek and Scottsdale on Saturday, June 21 and returned on June 22. It was a three-hour trip to Williams, Ariz., and my grandmother (a really good driver!) got us there safely and in plenty of time to check into our neat hotel, where we had adjoining rooms.

When we got to Williams, I was amazed to see that I was on the historic Route 66 — a major reason that Williams exits.

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After unpacking our stuff at the beautiful Grand Canyon Hotel, we had lunch, relaxed a bit, and then went shopping. (There are some cool little stores, thrift shops that benefit charities, and restaurants in Williams.)

In the evening, we went to dinner at a Max & Thelma’s restaurant, which is right by the train depot and the hotel. Their dinner buffet was excellent!

No one had much sleep. We were too excited about the train ride and the visit to The Grand Canyon the next morning.

Sunday came early. After checking out of our hotel, we went back to Max & Thelma’s for a delicious breakfast buffet. From there, the four of us went to the train depot and watched a cowboy show.

Finally it was time to get on the famous GCRR (better known as the Grand Canyon Railroad)!

We had such a fun time on the three-hour train ride. There were walking musicians (singing, playing guitars and harmonicas), and the stewards were great company to the guests.

The two with us were Jamie and Meme; they gave us history lessons on the railroad cars we were in, the area in general, and some other things. 

When we got to the Grand Canyon, I was jumping up and down because I was so excited to be there in person. When I got to the edge and looked out at this wonder for the first time, my eyes got as big as eagles’, and I almost started to cry. I was so happy!

There was a telescope device beside me that pointed to some famous natural sculptures. The sights of the Canyon from various angles were incredible.

We had three hours to spend at the Canyon before our train ride home. We ate lunch at Bright Angel Lodge, got some souvenirs, took many pictures, and walked around the park.

Sadly, it was finally time to go home. But, happily, we had another train ride. On the way back to Williams, we had a “performed” train robbery, but some people really got robbed! (Well, sort of.)

We arrived back at Williams, and it was time to go back home to the Valley. Now we can look at our pictures and remember how much fun my mother, my two aunts, my grandmother, and I had on my first trip to the awesome Grand Canyon. I’ll never forget it!