July 2008

Find Sasquatch And Win $1,000,000

OVERLAND, Kan. — Bushnell Outdoor Products and Field & Stream magazine want you to find Sasquatch this year and they are providing a good reason to search — one million reasons to be exact — with the “$1,000,000 Sasquatch Photo Challenge” that runs from through Dec.15.

“We’re not saying we believe in Sasquatch,” says Nate Matthews, online editor for Field & Stream. “But if anyone’s ever going to capture an image of one, we’re guessing it’ll be a hunter with a trail camera, and we’d like to settle this once and for all.”

Don’t live in prime Sasquatch hunting territory? No problem! Field & Stream and Bushnell are also giving away great Bushnell gear for the best trail cam shots in the following categories: deer photos, non-deer photos, and funny photos. Three winners every month will receive a Bushnell Excursion binocular, and three grand prizes at the end of the year will receive a Bushnell Trail Scout Pro with Game Call Technology trail camera.

For all you jokers out there — we’re giving away an additional Bushnell Trail Scout Pro camera for your best attempt to cheat Bushnell out of their $1,000,000 prize,” says Matthews.  “So go grab your gorilla suit and head to the nearest woodlot. Just don’t get mistaken for a bear.”  

Digital trail cameras have changed the way sportsman and wildlife researchers track animals in the outdoors. The Bushnell line of Trail Scout trail cameras provide 24-hour monitoring and the ability to record high resolution color photos or videos during the day or black and while night vision images without a flash. The cameras rely on a passive infrared sensor that will detect activity out to 90 feet. Images are stored on compact SD cards.

The sweepstakes is open to any eligible adult 18 years or older within the United States who can provide conclusive photographic evidence that Sasquatch (Bigfoot or Yeti) exists. The photo or video must be taken with a trail camera and submitted to a panel of experts for verification.

The photo/video must be an original, in black and white or color, taken during the day or night. Photos that have been retouched, altered, or changed in any way will be disqualified.  

For the “$1,000,000 Sasquatch Photo Challenge, Bushnell will have a panel of experts review all submitted photos. The sweepstakes rules define Sasquatch as any bi-pedal, non-human that cannot be classified under any existing indigenous or non-indigenous species. Humans or statues dressed in Sasquatch costumes do not qualify.

The person submitting the winning photo will win $1,000,000 payable as an annuity.  The sweepstakes will also award monthly and one yearly prize.

For complete sweepstakes information, rules and eligibility requirements, visit www.fstrailcamcontest.com <http://www.fstrailcamcontest.com> .  

Consumers can enter online at the Bushnell Web site by clicking on the “Win a $1,000,000” icon, or by mail. Mail-in entries must be postmarked by Dec. 15 and received by Dec. 30.