July 2007

Good Company News

Pet Food Needed

During the recent recalls of tainted pet foods, rescue groups such as Finding Fido have had to discard much of the food they would have used for the dogs and cats in their care.

During June, Sprouts helped with a donation drive, but assistance is still needed. If you can help, please contact Pamela Heine, Finding Fido, director Pet Rescue and Pet Adoptions: findingfido@msn.com . For more information, visit Findingfido.org.


Introducing A Cat's Best Friend

Cheri Minauri Writes To Us

Hi, I'm Cheri Minauri, founder of the nonprofit organization AJ's Best Friends, and executive director of the subsidiary AZ Persian & Himalayan Rescue. 

I have been involved with animal rescue since 1996, and have successfully launched three 501(c)3 nonprofit pet rescue organizations over the years.  Some of my efforts include establishing a land trust and procuring funds to create a cat sanctuary. 

I have been featured in newspapers, radio and national magazines, including Cat Fancy.  Thousands of purebred cats and small breed dogs were placed in the first four years of operation.  

In the last two years, my major focus has been on playing matchmaker for the hundreds of Persian and Himalayan beauties we have taken in.  AZ Persian Rescue is now the placement of choice for other local shelter care groups not versed in the special needs of these sensitive animals. 

  Earlier this year we started to offer boarding and grooming services for cats.  Our pricing starts at $15 a day for boarding, and grooming services start at $30.

 The response to our boarding services has been very positive.  Many of our former fosters are regular boarders now, and they seem to like coming back for a visit.  

We have a Web site at www.ajsbestfriends.org . Visit us, and please check out our Persians, Himalayans, and Exotic Shorthairs. 

  In the upcoming months, I will be sharing with you my expertise on cat behavior, and I'll be answering your questions on cat-related topics.  I look forward to hearing from you.