July 2007

Common Courtesy Needed At The Ramp


Check this out:  This is Cholla boat ramp at Roosevelt at about 10 a.m. on Father's Day.  Note the boater who is first in line waiting for the three at the water.  He has two jet skis on the trailer and hasn't even taken off the covers.


The two at the water on the left are apparently together, and they've been sitting there for quite some time, getting things out of the truck and putting them in the boats, messing with the jet skis, and generally just tying up two thirds of the ramp while people are waiting.

 The person on the right has also been sitting there forever.  He just finished putting in the plug and arranging the shade. 

Since this July issue features boating, maybe you could mention that common courtesy dictates that you be ready to launch before you back down the ramp.  Stowing things in the boat, checking the plug, etc., should all be done before you even get in line to launch. 

Things would go much quicker for everyone if people would just use their heads and some common courtesy.


A Concerned Boater