July 2007

Titanic Sports Club Coming Soon To Rocky Point

Pass The Popcorn

By Morris Jackson

A new entertainment concept is coming to Rocky Point soon. This concept actually allows you to participate in the sport of your choice as an active player.

The activities are so real that cheering, yelling, and high fives will be common reactions by your teammates, and you could develop sore muscles, perspiration, and even weight loss if used extensively. Titanic Sports Club supplies all the equipment necessary of you to take part in the activities.

Up to four people can bowl three regulation games with automatic score keeping. We are going to form bowling leagues this fall with prizes and a banquet at end of the season.

Get your favorite foursome together and head to the links for some real-life golf matches with club selection, sand traps, water hazards and perfect greens.

If tennis is your favorite sport, then take to the tennis courts where up to four players can play.

For a more physical sport, boxing could be your thing. You will box your opponent for three rounds to determine the winner.

It's baseball season, so get you favorite bat and glove and head to the ball field. You can hit grounders and home runs and pitch curve balls, sliders, and fastballs.

Billiards is another of the favorite games to play. Grab your cue stick and line up the cue ball to sink the numbered balls.

For the fishermen in the family, climb in the boat and steer to your secret fishing spot and reel in the big ones.

If target shooting is what you like best, join your friends for some target practice.

Snow boarding is another great outdoor sport that you can enjoy at our facilities.

The Titanic Sports Club is located in Rocky Point , Mexico , on Dominguez and Morua at the stoplight with the entrance and parking on Cortinez.

Bring the family and enjoy an evening of fun that you have not experienced in Rocky Point.

This is a family entertainment center where alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises. Challenge the kids to a game of bowling and show them you still have a strike or two left in you.

Visit www.titanicsportsclub.com Contact: titanicsportsclub@yahoo.com