July 2007

Readers will ‘Rock the Vote’

By Choosing Scorpion Design

By Julie Baker
The Art Institute Of Phoenix
Advertising Major

Ideas splash around at Dan Turner's Sun Valley Fiber-Glas shop about the redesign of the 1984, 21 foot Chris-Craft Scorpion.

Students of The Art Institute of Phoenix mocked up three possible designs for the cosmetic overhaul of the Scorpion, the boat donated by Ed Hale of Hale's Marine.

You, the reader, can choose your favorite design and vote by contacting Jim Allen at (480) 947-6219 or by email at publisher@azbw.com

The winning design will be the Scorpion's beautifying blueprint that will guide the volunteers in her makeover. “We need a lot of help. There will be way over 150 hours in this boat,” comments Turner.

For this reason, many volunteers are integral to the progress of the Scorpion. In this initial stage, volunteers will help sand, buff, and remove old numbers on the vessel. Turner notes, “Anyone can help volunteer. They just have to be willing to get a little dirty.”

Turner says he will not have any volunteers handle dangerous equipment or be exposed to any hazardous fumes. All ages are welcome.

Dan Turner has been in the fiber-glas industry for over 30 years and specializing in boat repairs since 1987. For the “Rock the Boat” project, he plans to contribute by providing volunteers a location, Sun Valley Fiber-Glas, to work on the Scorpion as well as offering his knowledgeable input.

“I'll also get my hands dirty too,” adds Turner.

Turner says he has had many offers to help with charitable work in the past, but has never fully involved himself until the “Rock the Boat” project. “I don't mind pointing anyone in the right direction, but with this project, everyone's here to help,” shares Turner.

College students, industry professionals, sponsors, and supportive volunteers will all aid in steering this project to success. Film students from the Art Institute of Phoenix will begin taping the “Rock the Boat” documentary in late July.

To become a volunteer or sponsor for the “Rock the Boat” project, contact Jim Allen at (480) 947-6219 or by e-mail at publisher@azbw.com .

Following are the five designs proposed by students from The Art Institute of Phoenix. To vote on your favorite, e-mail Jim Allen at jim@azbw.com.

1. Chris

2. Craft

3. Scorpion

4. Rock

5. The Boat