February 2008

New Square LED Courtesy Lamps Add A Touch Of Cool

Discriminating boaters and RVers who strive to have the coolest-looking interiors and exteriors won't settle for boring, round, hot and energy-hogging lighting fixtures. New Slim Line Square LED Courtesy Lamps from Hella Marine add an ultra-modern touch with all the cost- and energy-saving benefits of LED technology.

Easy on the eyes, Hella's innovative lens technology spreads soft, even light to eliminate glare and eye strain. For stronger light, white and warm-white Enhanced Brightness lamps are three times brighter than the regular models.

To conserve valuable power, LED lights are extremely energy-efficient, drawing less than 0.5W. Available in 12V or 24V DC versions, they are safe and cool, posing no danger of damaging surrounding materials.

Hella offers a choice of vibrant white, warm white, green, blue, cyan, amber, red, deep red and orange LEDs. The lamps can be recessed or surface-mounted with chrome, gold, satin, black or white rims and spacers to match or contrast.

To stand up to harsh environments, the lamps are hermetically sealed in UV-, impact- and corrosion-resistant plastic. Measuring just 2-1/3" x 2-1/3", the lamps are pre-wired with nearly 5" of cable.

The retail price of Hella's Square Courtesy Lamps begins at $44. More information: SOE.sales@HINC.hella.com; www.hellamarine.com.