February 2008

Revolutionary Watercraft Docking System Debuts

”Biggest innovation since the paddle” is how one observer put it. A prominent boat manufacturer said that in addition to all the obvious conveniences, installing the LazerRope™ system is the equivalent of adding more stowage since space previously used for ropes will no longer be needed for that purpose.

Efficient in its simplicity and graceful in its design, the LazerRope system was designed in Seabrook, Texas, with help of the NASA-funded Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program (SATOP). Like Tang, the cordless drill, and scratch-resistance eyeglass lenses that came before, LazerRope is a product of space-age thinking and technologies.

Designed to secure a watercraft firmly yet allow for variations in tension caused by tides or other natural events and forces that might otherwise damage a craft, the LazerRope system is always the perfect length of rope at just the right tensity; the rope that doesn’t go slack.

“From personal watercraft to yacht-class vessels, our products are designed to help you secure your vessel efficiently without all the hassle you have become so used to” said Hardy Johnson, co-founder and Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at LazerRope Docking Systems, LLC.

Offered in five sizes (the smallest about as big as an orange), LazerRope installs in minutes in engine compartments or hollow spaces on everything from personal watercraft to center consoles, bass and jet boats to docks or pilings. With only two moving parts and up to 30 feet of line that is three times stronger than steel, LazerRope frees pilot and passenger to dock safely with no distraction from last-minute untangling or looking for rope.

Engineered to be impervious to harsh salt-water conditions, LazerRope has great resistance to corrosion, abrasion, heat, chemicals and seawater. “Imagine the option of having up to 30 feet of dock line on all four corners of your craft” said inventor and Chief Operating Officer John Wingate. “With its LazerLoop™ feature, LazerRope gives you docking options you’ve never had before”. Salt or fresh water, bay or inland lake, personal watercraft or bass boat, with optional lights or by itself, LazerRope will change forever the way you secure your boat.