February 2008

Streamlined Cleat Brings Class And Function

The aesthetic appeal of a vessel shouldn't have to be sacrificed for its practicality. Accon Marine's flush-mounted 202 Pop-Up® Cleat flawlessly blends style with performance.

As convenient as it is beautiful, this powerful cleat pops up at the touch of a button to function like a conventional cleat. When it is no longer needed, the user simply pushes it back down and it locks in the flush position, hidden from sight. Here the cleat poses no threat of snagging clothing or bruising boaters.

Fashioned from stylish 316 stainless steel, the durable Accon Pop-Up Cleat can withstand harsh weather conditions. Each unit is shipped with a backing plate, which doubles as the cut-out template, making installation easy. Available in four sizes, 4-1/2", 6", 8" and 10", the Pop-Up Cleat fits the needs of any boater.

Accon Marine's 202 Pop-Up Cleat has suggested retail prices from $99.19 for the 4-1/2" model up to $213.52 for the 10" version. More information: www.acconmarine.com.