February 2008

Unique Marine Seat Ensures Comfort In All Conditions

A smart seating system can mean the difference between a comfortable outing and a backache or upset stomach. Perfect for bumpy offshore trips, the innovative Reflex marine seat from Tempress Products employs advanced shock-control technology to make rough waters feel calmer.

The durable Reflex takes the brunt force of the sea, so riders don't have to. Using state-of-the-art, Dual-Shock technology, it provides two levels of shock absorption. Twin, spring-loaded shock absorbers underneath the seat pan offer unmatched vibration control.

The Reflex seating area also incorporates a suspended Dymetrol trampoline surface for superior comfort.

The Reflex's modern design supplies ergonomic lumbar support, side bolsters, thigh reinforcement, and a padded headrest. A built-in, spring-loaded lock ensures the seat remains in either an upright or folded position.

Its streamlined frame features a flow-through back for ventilation. Convenient seat panels can be upholstered in a variety of colors and configurations to complement any boat and are simple to attach.

The revolutionary Reflex seat from Tempress retails for $299. More information: info@tempress.com; www.tempress.com or www.fish-on.com.