February 2008

BUG BANDS TO ETHIOPIA -- Dan Ritter furnished a group of Arizona State University anthropology students with a supply of BugBand products for their dig in Hadar, Ethiopia, from early October through late November. ASU alum Chelle Brookes said that the protection was most welcome as their camp visitors included two kinds of mosquitoes (one carrying malaria, the other, Dengua fever), sand fleas, camel flies, and an assortment of other biting flies/insects -- none of which was welcome! Shown starring in this series of photos are BugBand products (wipes and spray) among other necessities in Chelle's tent, a red BugBand hanging from the top of her tent to offer nighttime protection, and her ankles encircled with BugBands (don't they go well with the Birkies?). Besides 12 students from ASU, there were three from Ethiopian universities, and four from others. All thank Ritter for his donation to the cause. More information on the product can be found at www.bugband.net or by calling toll free: (800) 473-9467.