February 2008

Spinning Names: WaveCast Now WaveSpin

New Reel Changing The Face Of Fishing

A NEW SPIN ON THINGS -- WaveSpin, the new spinning reel designed by Doug Hannon, was introduced in summer 2007 at ICAST. It claims to give anglers the ability to cast up to 30 percent farther than conventional spinning rods.

PORT RICHEY, Fla. — The new spinning reel designed by Doug Hannon, praised in numerous test reviews for its innovative patented spool lip that eliminates tangles and birdnests, has changed its name from WaveCast to WaveSpin.

Introduced this past summer at ICAST, the WaveSpin reel — with its spool edge that looks like 16 waves instead of the ubiquitous smooth lip found on all other spinning reels — also greatly reduces line friction, giving anglers the ability to cast up to 30 percent farther than conventional spinning reels, along with many other attributes and benefits.

Hannon, long known as “the Bass Professor” and one of the country’s most recognized big-bass authorities and authors on fishing, is also an inventor who holds 16 patents, including the weedless propeller that made a huge impact on the trolling-motor industry.

WaveSpin is Hannon’s next big advancement for recreational fishing. Great for beginning anglers to professionals and guides alike, the new WaveSpin reel has already been the subject of many test trials and editorial features this past year.

Most recently, Outdoor Life magazine (Dec./Jan. 2007/2008) honored Hannon as one of the O.L. 25: people “whose lifetime achievement has had the greatest positive influence on hunting and fishing.”

Here, in part, is what Outdoor Life had to say:

“WaveSpin — the first significant improvement in salt- and fresh-water spinning-reel design in more than 50 years. What sets the WaveSpin apart from its competitors is that it’s virtually impossible for the line to birdnest during a cast.”

Outdoor Life fishing editor Jerry Gibbs said he and some "pretty vile casters," put the WaveSpin to the test. He said Hannon's latest creation lived up to its claims.

The first WaveSpin model DH3000 will soon be joined by two other larger models in 2008, including the DH4000 and the DH5000.

WaveSpin is being marketed by XXX-Stream Tackle to a growing number of major sporting goods chains and Web sites, independent fishing tackle stores, along with direct sales on its Web site www.wavespinreel.com.

All WaveSpin reels come with a DVD owner’s manual and also include Hannon’s never—before-released The Five Seasons of Bass Fishing with underwater footage that gives anglers hundreds of valuable tips from his observations into the habits of fish.

Hannon has documented the catch and release of over 800 bass weighing 10 pounds and more.

For sales information on WaveSpin, please contact Russ Riley, vice president of Operations, at (989) 967-8426 or via e-mail at investrepo@hotmail.com.