February 2008

ASU Bass Fishing Team Has Busy 08 Schedule

They're the ones to watch the Arizona State University Bass Fishing Team.

They have a busy schedule of competitions ahead in 2008 with events in February at Pleasant, in March at Alamo, in April at Martinez, and in May at Roosevelt.

Then, the season ends on the high notes in the fall: the FOX College Sports National Collegiate Championship and Under Armour ESPNU Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship.

Members of the ASU Bass Fishing Team are Craig Carroll, Whitney Cummins, Ashton Dykert, Mike Eyler, Bryan Godin, Davis Hart, William Hoskins, Andrew Kelly, Grant Kerkemyer, Mitch Kistner, Billy McCall, Jeremy Nolen, Jeremy Pennell, Brent Perkins, Jason Rayls, Lauren Vartanian, and Chris Yee.

Following is a summary of the team members' accumulated points after two tournaments and as of press time:

Mitch Kistner 206
Davis Heart 204
Craig Carroll 202
Jason Rayls 198
Brent Perkins 197
Mike Eyler 197
Billy McCall 187
Chris Yee 186
Jeremy Nolen 186
Andrew Kelly 99
Brian Godin 93
Lauren Vartanian 88