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Always A Favorite Arizona Watersport: Tubing The Salt River

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Always A Favorite Arizona Watersport
Tubing The Salt River

Two Upcoming Events Promise
Fun On The Water

7th Annual Mardi Gras On Salt River

Hourly, employees' Mardi Gras Parade of Costumes offers great photo opportunities as revelers take part in the Congo-line on the beach!  Salt River Tubing will be giving away free tubing passes for Best Tuber Mardi Gras costumes!

Please visit for event details.  Celebrate a purple, green, and gold Saturday with extra sizzle and flair at Salt River Tubing’s 7th Annual Mardi Gras on Salt River!

It’s Mardi Gras time at Salt River Tubing on Saturday, Aug. 18 from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Join the merriment as flamboyantly costumed river employees toss out free Mardi Gras beads while Cajun and Zydeco music rocks!

Labor Day Weekend: “Salt River Heroes = Litter Zero”

Thousands of fun-seekers will beat the heat and shoot the Salt River rapids on tubes Labor Day weekend.  Record water-flow levels on the Lower Salt River will enable tubers to “chill and thrill” as they enjoy floating picnics. 

Floaters will be encouraged to participate in the “Salt River Heroes = Litter Zero” event and help keep the Salt River clean and beautiful. The Take Pride in America event is scheduled Saturday through Monday, Sept. 1 – Sept. 3 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and is co-sponsored by Tonto National Forest, Salt River Tubing, and local radio stations. 

Free Tommy Tuber litter bags will be distributed to the public with the message to “stash it and bag it” while floating on the Salt River.  Salt River Tubing is the proud winner of the 2006 Take Pride in America national corporate award as a result of tubers “stashing and bagging” their picnic trash.

Company officials recommend that tubers arrive early to ensure tube availability during Labor Day weekend.  “The Lower Salt River has experienced fabulous water flow this summer and holiday weekends are sell-outs,” says Henri Breault, President of Salt River Tubing. 

Breault advises non-swimmers, inexperienced swimmers, and all children to wear a life vest while tubing.  Tubers should plan their floating picnics to include plenty of water, sun block, protective footwear, and beverages in cans or plastic containers. 

Ice chests/coolers will be inspected for glass containers before boarding shuttle buses, and glass containers will be confiscated.  Breault also cautions floaters to be aware that “drugs, alcohol and the Salt River do not mix” and to “party responsibly” by appointing a designated driver before their tubing adventure.

MARDI GRAS, AZ-STYLE -- Mardi Gras revelers Laura Williams, Chelsea Buffmyer, Hailey Tuttle, Susie Melvin, and Betty Van Kirk

Dance to Cajun music. They'll soon join tubers on the Salt River for Mardi Gras on the Salt River, Aug. 18.

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