August 2007


WARNING – I will steal your heart and soul. I’m a lover.  When you pick me up, I’ll wrap my paws around your neck, and softly purr into your ear while I encourage you to scratch my back and neck.  When I’ve had enough, I’ll lay my head on your shoulder and look lovingly into your eyes.  I’m young and handsome, and I will play with everything that moves.  Little furry mice are my favorite. When I’m done playing with them, I gather them up and put them in my food bowl for safe keeping.  I want to be the only king cat in your castle. I’ll share you with a small dog, but no cats or kids under 8 years.  I’m Garfield, a 1-year-old Orange McTabby Persian.  See more pictures and a video at:   

PEACE AND QUIET -- I'm Kai, a solid white 2-year-old male, with big gold eyes.  I had been living with a set of 1-year-old people-twins and a big ugly dog for about a year.  Needless to say, my once little happy home turned into a big nightmare, and I just had to leave.  I was so stressed out with those kids wanting to chase me all over the house.  I was so much happier in a calm quiet home, with no dogs, no cats, and definitely no kids.  I like to roll on the floor, play with toys, and have my fur brushed every night.  If you know of someone who wants a knight in shining white, contact Cheri at