August 2007

BLM Phoenix District Lifts Fire Restrictions

Effective July 25, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Phoenix District lifted fire restrictions on public lands in south-central and central Arizona under the jurisdiction of the BLM Phoenix District.

 “The recent onset of the summer monsoon has brought substantial moisture and higher relative humidity to most areas, significantly reducing the risk of large wildfires,” said Ken Shaver, district fire-prevention officer. 

Visitors are reminded that the potential to start a wildfire still exists since not all areas have received significant rainfall.  Please keep the following in mind and use caution when recreating on your public lands:

  • Campfire Use:  The area within 5 feet of a campfire, cook stove or lantern should be clear of vegetation or other flammable material.  Never leave a campfire unattended and ensure that campfires are completely out and cold before leaving your campsite.
  • Smoking:  Smokers need to extinguish and discard their cigarette and cigars properly.  The use of ashtrays is strongly encouraged.
  • Equipment Operations:  Ensure that the proper spark-arrestor devices are in place when operating chainsaws, off-highway vehicles, or other spark-producing equipment.  A fire extinguisher must be on hand when using a welder or torch in the field. 
  • Motorized Use:  Always stay on roads and only park in areas void of vegetation.  Direct contact or sparks from hot catalytic converters can ignite dry grass.

The BLM appreciates your cooperation in protecting the public lands.  For more information on wildfire prevention and fire safety, contact the Phoenix District at (623) 580-5500.  A recorded message on fire restrictions throughout the Southwest is available toll free at 1-877-864-6985. Current fire information can also be found on-line at or