August 2007

Captains Sought For New Online Locator Service

Professional boat delivery captains live from job to job. Finding that next boat delivery largely depends on reputation, word-of-mouth, and how easily boat owners can find you.

A new online Professional Captains Locator service from BoatUS aims to connect USCG-licensed delivery captains with boat owners seeking on-the-water transportation services, hurricane hole deliveries, and storm-preparation services.

"Aside from the need to help boaters find reliable delivery services, another reason we will be offering this referral service is because of an increasing need for help with moving boats when hurricanes approach," said BoatUS Director of Consumer Affairs Caroline Ajootian.

"Getting a boat moved to the protected waters of a hurricane 'hole' and properly prepared for a storm is time consuming. With homes and families to worry about, some boat owners are simply stretched too thin, or may live too far away to do much themselves," she noted.

Another reason for the service is that many boat insurance policies today offer to help with the cost of professional delivery services when a named storm is coming. "Insurers want boats moved out of harm’s way," said Ajootian. "We also hope to give boaters an easier way to find long or short haul delivery services or instruction," she added.

The program's current goal is to get as many qualified captains listed on the database first before it becomes available to the public later this year. When the Web site does go live, captains will be able to gain new job leads by leveraging the Web site, which attracts over half a million visitors each month.

Captains wishing to be listed must complete a two-page application asking for their credentials, experience, references, local area knowledge, USCG licenses held, insurance and motor vehicle drivers license information.

"We want to ensure potential customers that the captains on our Locator Service have the highest standards," said Ajootian, "So we will independently verify application information."

Captains will be listed once this information is verified. Listings will be free the first year the Locator Service is online; after that the listing fee will be $50 per year.

For more information or to review an application, go to