August 2007

'American Civil War In The West' Series Begins At OldWestNewWest.Com eZine;

CHEYENNE, Wy. — OldWestNewWest.Com, the Internet eZine that reports on how the New West is keeping alive Old West traditions (, has begun month an ongoing series of features exploring how the American Civil War reached into the West, and where today's Western fans can go to experience this less-well-known part of American history.

"To some, America's Civil War and the settling of the American West seem two totally unrelated parts of American history," said Mike Harris, publisher.

"The Civil War, however, did reach into the American West, including Union-Confederate battles and skirmishes in today's states of Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, Confederate designs on California gold and Nevada silver, the Union's reinforcement of San Francisco's Presidio and Fort Point, the establishment of the Drum Barracks near Los Angeles, and even the creation of a small federal garrison on Santa Catalina Island," Harris added.

OldWestNewWest.Com has started its “American Civil War in the West” series with a look at the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield near Springfield, Mo. Wilson's Creek was the second major battle of the Civil War and the first major battle in the West.

"OldWestNewWest.Com is becoming recognized as the Internet eZine to go to where you can find stories about how Westerners are celebrating the Old West through festivals, poetry, music, food and storytelling," Harris said.

"With this new series, we wanted to focus on an important aspect of the West — how the American Civil War moved westward beyond the Mississippi River — and share those stories with our readers."

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