August 2007

New For 2008: Mustang Survival F3 Inflatable Fishing Vest

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — Mustang Survival unveiled the F3 Inflatable
Fishing Vest at ICAST, the world's largest sportfishing tradeshow.
Bringing together form, functionality, and flotation, this innovative new
vest is perfect for almost any type of fishing.

Developed with input from anglers, the F3 Inflatable Fishing Vest offers a
comfortable relaxed fit, a soft neoprene ComfortCollarT, and a mesh back for
superior air circulation and cooling. The vest's 10 pockets provide
unrivaled functionality, including generously sized zippered pockets to fit
large fly boxes and inside pockets for a hydration pack, pliers, and storing

Once inflated, it offers the same 35 pounds of buoyancy of all
Mustang Survival Inflatable PFDs.

"The F3 Inflatable Fishing Vest was designed for comfort, functionality, and
maximum mobility while keeping you safe," said Frank Leffelaar, manager of
Marketing Services for Mustang Survival. "Whether you are river, lake, or
kayak fishing, it will let you focus on what's really important — reeling in
your next catch."

The F3 Inflatable Fishing Vest features the following:

  • a relaxed, comfortable fit to provide maximum mobility,
  • cool and comfortable mesh back to give better air circulation,
  • ComfortCollarT made from soft neoprene so as not to chafe the back of the neck,
  • front table pocket with removable foam fly patches,
  • front pocket sized to fit a large fly box,
  • leader-line pocket with line catches for easy-access,
  • inside pockets for pliers, valuables, and hydration pack,
  • removable hook and fly patch,
  • built with breathable, durable, water-resistant fabric,
  • manual inflation to prevent inadvertent inflation during wading or in wet
  • bonus matching over-the-shoulder fish bag,
  •  sizes medium to XXL, and
  • easy to re-pack and re-arm (Re-arming kit MA7170).

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About Mustang Survival

For 40 years Mustang Survival has been committed to providing life support solutions. Through constant innovation and the application of new
technologies, Mustang is the leading supplier of quality flotation and
hypothermia protection products to the most demanding users — from
fishermen, sailors and power boaters to the Coast Guard, jet-fighter pilots
and even NASA astronauts.

For further information, contact Rob McMahon, Marketing Communications specialist, Mustang Survival: (604) 244-6739 or by e-mail at Web site is