August 2007

Trout Stockings Plus Monsoons

‘It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That’

Arizona’s mountain lakes are getting a midsummer 20,000-trout bonus from the Arizona Game and Fish Department hatcheries.
The bonus trout are over and above the normal trout stockings those popular fishing waters receive.

So far, there have been an additional 10,000 rainbows stocked into Willow Springs and Woods Canyon lakes. Another 10,000 fish are available for stocking in other mountain lakes as well.

Those rainbows will likely be distributed to Becker Lake near Springerville, Scotts Reservoir near Pinetop, River Reservoir in the Greer Valley, and Willow Springs Lake along the Mogollon Rim.

But, that’s not all. “We have been routinely putting extra trout into the Mogollon Rim lakes for about a month now. The Rim should be hopping right now,” said Kirk Young, the acting Fisheries Branch chief.

In addition, it’s also monsoon time in the high country. When those afternoon clouds start building up and the barometer takes a dip, trout can start actively feeding in the mountain lakes.

“Mix the bonus stockings and the monsoon-generated rainstorms and it’s time for a midsummer trout expedition. It’s time to pack up the fishing gear and go get rained on. It doesn’t get any better than that,” said Young.