August 2007

Introducing ‘Tight Lines’

AZBW Welcomes New Crew: The McDowells

By Carol L. Allen

We at Arizona Boating & Watersports are pleased to welcome aboard Darla and Don McDowell, co-editors of our new fishing section “Tight Lines.”

Beginning with this August issue, there will be a new section dealing exclusively with fishing. This will be an expansion of our regular coverage of angling, in addition to our monthly features on boating, all kinds of watersports, and RVing.

“Tight Lines” will bring to our readers the following subjects, in no particular order of importance:

  • Fly fishing
  • Local tournament results and schedules, compiled by Margie Anderson
  • Commentary on local tournaments
  • New fishing products
  • San Diego sportfishing news (with input from experts such as Catherine Miller of  the San Diego Sportfishing Council)
  • Mexico fishing (especially the Sea of Cortez and Baja California)
  • Features of angling personalities (e.g., the fly-tyer Lon Ellington)
  • National competitions (e.g., the Women’s Bassmaster Tour)
  • Information on both Arizona and beyond fish species
  • Bait, tackle, gear, apparel
  • Fishing boats
  • Instruction articles (e.g., how to get the best at Bartlett Lake)
  • Youth programs
  • Beyond Arizona (e.g., fishing in locales other than our Southwest such as Oregon, Scotland, Alaska, Australia, etc.)
  • Night fishing
  • News from organizations such as IGFA, AZGFD, the parks, the national recreation areas, the forest service
  • Fishing safety
  • “Fit for Fishing” (e.g., strength training for tournament anglers, health hints while on the road/water)
  • “Tackle Box” with fishing-specific letters to the editor

There will be more, of course, as “Tight Lines” evolves and as readers give their input to the McDowells.

Jim and Carol Allen, publisher and editor respectively, are excited about this new section and about the McDowells’ joining the AZBW crew. Welcome aboard!