April 2008

Compact Seaera Toilet Offers Dependability

A reliable toilet is a necessity for any boater.  With features such as a full-sized joker valve to avoid clogging, and separation of intake and discharge water, Raritan's SeaEra toilet offers owners hassle-free performance.  In support of its product quality, Raritan now offers a two-year warranty on the SeaEra toilet.

This economical electric macerating toilet, available in 12, 24 and 32V DC or 120/240V AC, is as practical as it is dependable.  Each unit is 100 percent water tested to ensure proper function.  The SeaEra includes durable features such as a heavy-duty marine push button and an inlet pump that can be run dry without damage.

A strong discharge pump can function easily with a vented loop as high as 6'.  Eliminating the need for an adapter, the SeaEra's new built-in discharge fitting can accept either 1-1/2" or 1" lines.

Installation is simple and flexible, as the SeaEra can be mounted above or below the waterline.  The inlet pump can lift water from up to 4' below the toilet.  Using the included interchangeable 3/4" hose barb fittings, water can be routed from either side of the inlet pump.  With a bowl that rotates 90˚ for mounting, Raritan's SeaEra toilet fits into confined spaces. 

The SeaEra toilet is available as a conversion kit or with a white bowl in either household-style or marine-size.  Boaters can choose from several models.
The Integral Intake Model offers quick and easy raw water flush installation.  It includes an in-line strainer to reduce odors caused by seawater particles and helps protect marine equipment.

The Remote Intake Pump Model offers flexible installation for long runs and provides easier access to the intake pump.  This model reduces noise levels wonderfully.
Low power consumption makes the Freshwater Solenoid Model, which includes a vacuum breaker, especially economical.  Quiet operation is assured with its Whisper Flush design.  This SeaEra toilet connects to a vessel's existing pressurized system, making installation a breeze.  Compared to raw water models, it requires less maintenance and eliminates more odors.

Compact and convenient, the SeaEra toilet requires only a small footprint.  Dimensions of the household-style model are a 19-3/4" bowl depth, 14-3/8" bowl width and 14-7/8" height.  The marine-size SeaEra has a 16-3/4" bowl depth, 13" bowl width and 14-1/2" height.

Raritan's SeaEra toilets have an approximate shipping weight of 38-40 pounds and retail for a starting price of $660. 

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